Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-ProPublica delved into the lobbying that American Airlines and US Airways did to get the anti-trust lawsuit settled prior to their merger. The article says the airlines used former Obama Administration officials to try to get the Justice Department to settle the suit. “The Justice Department’s abrupt reversal came after the airlines tapped former Obama administration officials and other well-connected Democrats to launch an intense lobbying campaign, the full extent of which has never been reported. They used their pull in the administration, including at the White House, and with a high-level friend at the Justice Department, going over the heads of staff prosecutors,” the article says.

-A little over 77 percent of U.S. flights were on time in August, the Associated Press reported on Friday. And for 20 flights, the planes holding passengers sat on the ground longer than the three-hour delay limit and are being investigated by the Department of Transportation.

-The Wall Street Journal reports that with passengers carrying more electronics on to flights, airlines are having to add training for staff to deal with these devices if they catch on fire. “Airlines are adding more staff training and stocking planes with fire-containment bags to combat the threat of overheating mobile device batteries on flights and in airports,” the WSJ reports in this article.