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American Airlines sets up call center for flight attendants with uniform issues

American Airlines said it has set up a call center for flight attendants who are having allergic reactions to the new uniforms that were unveiled last month.

The Fort Worth-based carrier said it had previously tested the wool-blend garments in 2015 and 2016 and that the uniforms met industry safety standards. However, it decided to set up the call center to address individuals concerns.

“We care about flight attendant safety and well-being above everything else and will take all appropriate actions to fully resolve each flight attendant’s concern,” said American spokesperson Lakesha Brown. “The solutions in place are offering replacement garments in non-wool and/or non-synthetic fabrics.”

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants said that it had received over 700 complaints about the new uniforms where flight attendants were getting headaches and breaking out in hives from the garments.

“We are encouraging our flight attendants to utilize the call center in addition to our own report form we have in place for our members,” union spokesman Shane Staples said. “The company needs to hear from Flight Attendants directly in addition to filing reports with us while we wait for our own independent test results.”

American unveiled new uniforms for 80,000 pilots, flight attendants, maintenance workers and customer service representatives earlier this month. The garments are manufactured by Twin Hill, who recently won a lawsuit filed by Alaska Airlines’ flight attendants who said their uniforms caused allergic reactions.

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