Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Airlines are backing an United Nations proposal to limit pollution from international flights that could cost the industry up to $24 billion a year, according to this Bloomberg News article. The proposal would requires companies to offset their emissions by funding environmental programs. If the UN proposal fails, airlines could face even costlier climate control policies in Europe and other countries.

-JetBlue Airways interest in launching flights from Boston to Europe makes perfect sense to Cranky Flier. In this blog post, he looks at how the Airbus A320 NEO (new engine option) could open up the continent across the Atlantic for JetBlue. “Europe might seem like a big jump and a change in business plan, but it’s really not that much different thanks to new aircraft technology,” he writes.

-Are turkeys, pigs and roosters therapy animals that airlines should allow on flights? A committee of airline representatives and disabled rights advocates are trying to answer that questions as they have been meeting to discuss new rules on what types of animals should be allowed on flights as service animals, the Los Angeles Times reports.