Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-A group of African-American pilots are asking federal officials to investigate United Airlines for a pattern of discrimination. “The executive leadership of United Airlines has failed over the years to integrate the airline and remedy the serious concerns of racial discrimination against black pilots that have plagued United for more than two decades,” the pilots’ attorney said in a statement published in this CBS News article. United denies the allegations, calling them “baseless.”

-Airlines are pulling flight crews of Cuban descent off of its new commercial flights to Cuba, according to NBC’s Miami affiliate. Cuban government officials have told airlines that crew members flying from American cities to Cuba will not be allowed entry if they do not have a Cuban passport which is required for anyone born there who left the country after 1970.

-American Airlines won’t be showing the Clint Eastwood-Tom Hanks movie, “Sully” on board its flights. Even though the airline, which merged with US Airways, helped filmmakers with an aircraft and filming at a gate at LaGuardia but adding it to its list of in-flight entertainment options is not going to happen, reports the Los Angeles Times. “We are proud of the crew and how everything turned out, but we are fully aware that it could be upsetting to someone on the plane,” an American spokesman told the newspaper.