Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The movie, “Sully,” based on the Miracle on the Hudson water landing of a US Airways flight, soared to a $35.5 million opening weekend at the box office. But crash investigators are unhappy with their portrayal as villains in the movie, according to this article in Bloomberg News. “Not only did the safety board investigators treat Sullenberger respectfully, they took great pains to carefully couch language in the final report so that it didn’t seem critical of a national hero,” the article says.

-Airlines are telling passengers not to turn on or charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones while their are on a plane, or stow them in checked baggage. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning last week advising passengers about the dangers of the phone after several handsets caught on fire, this article says.

-The contributor Ted Reed examined the declining role of Tokyo’s Narita airport as a gateway to Asia in this article. Although Narita had been the primary gateway for U.S. passengers to travel to Asia, that has changed with the Boeing 787 and China’s development of its airports. "”Narita is no longer the right way to get to Asia," said Brian Znotins, United's vice president of network in the article. “Now, the market demands non-stops from San Francisco and the U.S.”