American Airlines

The new American Airlines headquarters will have a 600-room hotel at the heart of its campus

American Airlines is in the middle of building its brand-new, high-tech headquarters, and at the heart of it will be a huge 370,000 square-foot hotel to support its massive workforce.

The American Airlines Hospitality Complex will be a 600-room structure with all the amenities that come with a hotel of that size: comfortable rooms, a tavern, a fitness facility and even an in-house clinic. But it won’t be open to the general public — instead, the hospitality complex will be for American Airlines employees only.

Jonathan Pierce, the director of campus engagement for American Airlines, explained the need for such a huge hotel at its headquarters. When the airlines was still young in 1957, American opened a stewardess college to train its flight attendants, and flight attendants from all over the country would come and stay and train there. As American expanded, the workforce expanded with it, which led American to build the Lodge that became place where its out-of-town employees would stay.

But then in 2013 American merged with US Airways and became the biggest airline in the country. And its infrastructure needs doubled as well.

“This decision to build a 600-room hotel — double the size of the old Lodge — is reflective of those changes,” Pierce said.

The hospitality complex will be where all its employees outside the DFW area will stay while they attend training. It will replace the existing American Airlines Lodge, and pending permits, it will have a two and a half year construction timeline.

Pierce said the new hospitality complex was deliberately placed at the center of the new headquarters.

“We want to provide a facility that will be safe, comfortable and also convenient with its proximity to the DFW Airport and also to all of the support functions,” Pierce said.

Carla Jimenez covers breaking business news and commercial retail development. Born and raised in Euless, she took a detour in the Midwest for a few years, but she’s back in the land of football, barbecue and Dr Pepper.