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Why American Airlines is adding nonstop flights from DFW to these cities in Europe

Just in time for summer travel season, American Airlines is adding nonstop routes to two popular European destinations: Munich and Dublin.

Service to those cities nonstop from DFW Airport begins June 6. Tickets are on sale.

Those flights are among nine new routes American is rolling out this summer. A spot check shows plenty of round trip fares available for as low at $1,766 to Munich and $1,469 to Dublin.

Americans moves are likely aimed at peak season leisure travelers who find DFW to be the best connection point, one industry observer said.

“This should help pull travelers from Texas, the Southwest, California and even parts of Latin America,” Brett Snyder, president of the popular Cranky Flier air travel blog, said in an email. “The markets are already well-served from the east coast, but they are big summer leisure markets and American thinks it can fill those flights. Part of American’s big push at DFW is adding service from ... places like Flagstaff, Monterrey, etc. These summer routes can help fill those airplanes by offering good connections via DFW since there are no one-stop options to these cities via other hubs.”

Similarly, last summer American launched service from DFW to Reykjavik, Iceland, putting the company in competition with lower-cost carriers Icelandair and WOW air. (WOW air ceased operations in March.)

The addition of DFW flights to Munich and Dublin is part of a broader reworking of summer Europe routes. American has also canceled service to Munich from Philadelphia, and added year-round service from Charlotte. (Competitor Lufthansa also flies out of Charlotte.)

American also added service from Philadelphia to Edinburgh, Scotland, Berlin, Germany (Tegel Airport), Bologna, Italy and Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia.

“By providing the only nonstop service from North America to Bologna and Dubrovnik and adding Berlin to our international footprint, American is making it easier to see the world,” Vasu Raja, American vice president of network and schedule planning, said in a statement. “Through our Atlantic Joint Business, we have seen increased interest to these markets from the U.S., and adjusting our network to introduce these destinations will provide more choices for customers on both sides of the Atlantic.”

The DFW-Munich service is scheduled to continue through Oct. 26, and DFW-Dublin route is scheduled through Sept. 28.

Even though leisure travel is the key market for the new flights, business travelers could benefit as well.

Brad Hayes, director of special mission aircraft at Northrop Grumman in Fort Worth, flies so frequently around the world that he is a member of American’s Concierge Key program, its highest level of frequent flyer perks.

Hayes said he finds himself in both cities a handful of times each year, and also travels heavily in the Middle East. Hayes says Dublin is underrated as a destination for DFW business travelers.

“Dublin is becoming like a hub, not only for logistics,” he said in an interview. “They’ve also turned themselves into a kind of a tech hub.”

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