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Union demands American Airlines investigate ‘sexist’ video portraying flight attendants

An American Airlines jet takes off from DFW Airport in this file photo.
An American Airlines jet takes off from DFW Airport in this file photo. Star-Telegram archives

The American Airlines Flight Attendant Union has demanded an investigation into a video that was posted on Twitter that reportedly showed people portrayed as flight attendants “promoting sex appeal as an attraction to (American Airlines) most prominent and lucrative passengers.”

A spokesperson for the airline company said the skit was not at a company sanctioned event and didn’t happen on company property.

“This cannot be happening in today’s environment,” said APFA National President Lori Bassani. “We will not tolerate our profession being objectified in a sexist manner. We want the facts about the Company’s involvement and we want answers.”

According to a news release from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, the video went viral on Saturday night. They called for Doug Parker, chief executive of the Fort Worth-based American Airlines, to investigate the company’s involvement.

“Reportedly, the skit was part of a fundraising auction and event with AA customers. AA Senior Management has represented to the APFA that it has nothing to do with the private skit or event,” the release said.

The group wants to know among other things if management was involved, where the skit was performed, and why American Airlines’ logo was used.

A statement from American Airlines says:

“We saw a customer’s social media post depicting a group of American flight attendants at a customer-organized and hosted event. What was portrayed in the skit was not sanctioned by the airline and is not representative of the 27,000 professional flight attendants who take great care of millions of customers each year. We spoke to the customer who posted the video and shared our concerns that the actions depicted in the skit he witnessed are demeaning to our professional flight attendants and crew members throughout the industry. We appreciate that he listened to our concerns and that he agreed to remove the video.”

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