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TCU AD Del Conte says it ‘never crossed our mind’ to hire outside PR

TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said “it never crossed our mind” to hire someone to make their case for the College Football Playoff.

“At the end of the day, the committee is very astute,” he said. “They know college football. They were pretty clear when the playoff committee was put forth that it would cover the total body of work, from the first game to the last game, that every game counted. I understood at the beginning of the year what the committee was about. They gave us the parameters. They said this is what we’ll evaluate on.”

With one game to play, on Saturday against Iowa State, Del Conte cautioned against celebrating the Horned Frogs’ No. 3 spot in the newest College Football Playoff rankings.

“We just know we have a huge game this week,” he said. “We do. It’s a big game. We have to take care of our business and let the chips fall where they may. Our greatest PR and our greatest strength is our student-athletes, our coaches, letting their performance on that field speak for itself.”

Injury update

Wide receiver Deante’ Gray has a chance to play this week, but running back B.J. Catalon will probably miss another game.

“B.J., we’re still going to be very cautious with,” Patterson said.

Gray missed two games with a foot injury before returning for the Texas game last week. But he left that game with another injury.

Catalon has not played since taking a hit under the chin on the next-to-last play against West Virginia, when his carry helped set up the game-winning field goal.

Numbers game

TCU coach Gary Patterson said the teams that were in line to take advantage of the No. 4 spot all could be evaluated positively and negatively, depending on statistics.

“We had our slip-up — we got beat by Baylor,” he said. “Baylor had their slip-up — they got beat by West Virginia. Ohio State had their slip-up — they got beat by Virginia Tech. You could look at stuff 1,000 ways. You can skew your stats any way you want to go skew them for anybody to look better than the other two or three or four teams. All you can control is what you have and what you do.”

Patterson is content to let the committee decide.

“Whether it’s Baylor gets in or its TCU gets in or Ohio State gets in or Mississippi State gets in, we’ve got to go finish our journey, and then we’ve got to see how it happens,” he said. “For my kids, I hope so. But you’ve just got to finish and do what you can do. You can’t control all the rest of it.”

Tuesday night plan

The players who talked to reporters Tuesday all said they had no plans to watch the College Football Playoff selection show, but that they expected to hear the results quickly from texts and social media.

Patterson said he would learn from social media, too — but much later than anyone else.

“It’s Tuesday, so I’ll get done about 8:30, and then I’ll take my laptop home, and I’ll change into my sweats, and then I’ll work until 1, and then I’ll go on Twitter and I’ll find out where we got ranked and what everybody thinks,” he said with a smile. “Pros and cons.”