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Causing an international incident: All in a day’s tardiness in London

Day 3. Raise your hand if you are surprised that I’m already being accused of causing an international incident in London.

OK, don’t everybody do it at once. Geez.

Well, my day starts with me being a little tardy for the NFL bus to practice.

I blame it on a late networking session with former Cowboys safety Ken Hamlin and a local British news presenter at a local eatery named Novikov, a Russian-owned place with Asian cuisine.

So as I arrived at the bus, our guide, who bears a striking resemblance to the late Margaret Thatcher, started giving me the business.

But she’s a sweet lady and soon she relented after my profuse apologies, saying “You were late, but you were charming and nice about it.”

I told her that’s Southern charm fostered in Schulenburg, Texas.

We then had a nice bonding session about places to go and she even told me about a nightclub where her neighbor was the manager.

“Tell him Anne sent you and he will take care of your drinks.”

Cool, but that was only the beginning.

As soon as I get to Allianz Park where the Cowboys are practicing, it comes to my attention that my postcard Thursday didn’t go over well with the good folks at Allianz or the rugby club Saracens.

The NFL even had to intervene.

Something about my criticism of the “free” soup got lost in translation and I came across as the “ugly American.”


To steal a line from Terrell Owens during his days with the Cowboys, “I’m handsome as hell,” just ask my momma.

That being said, my attempt at humor wasn’t received as well in print as it looked when I was typing it.

With all sincerity, the people at Allianz and Saracens have been great hosts and the food Thursday was quite tasty. I had my first helping of shepherd’s pie and left satisfied.

The funny thing is I was the one who negotiated a meal for the media with the chef. So there was no malice intended.

I hope I don’t come off as some type of British pejorative tomorrow.

Anne chastised me again for being last on the bus to head back to the hotel. But I was with my co-worker Charean Williams.

The notion that Star-Telegram columnist Gil LeBreton, notorious for being on Gil time (late to everything), beat me to the bus was an upset akin to the 1-8 Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Cowboys on Sunday.

Wait. … What?

With Tony Romo’s injured back, that could happen.

Anyway, Anne told everybody that the bus Friday leaves at 9 a.m. She told me it leaves at 8:45 a.m. and threatened to call me in my room if she had to.

I told her I would be there with bells on. Of course, she didn’t know what that meant.

But I’m sincere.

I will try — though a late dinner scheduled with Michael Irvin could complicate things.