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TCU football notes: Boykin gets pass for late fumble, but Patterson stresses getting down

TCU coach Gary Patterson isn’t blaming quarterback Trevone Boykin for his fourth-quarter fumble Saturday because it was such a hard hit, but the coach expects his quarterback and the rest of the team to stop trying to get extra yards unnecessarily and leave themselves exposed.

“You just got to understand the urgency of the ball,” Patterson said. “If you get held up and more than one person is coming at you, it’s time to get down. Bad things happen in groups, so you just need to get down.

“I appreciate the effort. But, No. 1, hard hits happen when you’re standing up and people are holding on to you, and 2, guys get stripped, other things happen to you. You just got to get down.”

Boykin lost two fumbles against Oklahoma — one at the goal line and one on the sideline when he got crunched.

“That was quite a hit, to be honest with you,” Patterson said, but he said that it’s a bad idea to stick the ball out at the goal line.

Tailback B.J. Catalon also fumbled, and his turnover in a gang tackle gave OU a chance to win.

“You know he doesn’t want to fumble,” Patterson said. “The key to it is, you know, you got 12 yards. You got a first down. You get down. The game was basically about over. You get another 45 seconds to run off the clock.”

TCU is plus-5 in turnovers, with four fumbles lost to five recovered and three interceptions thrown to seven interceptions made.

The Frogs have put the ball on the ground nine times compared with the opponent’s eight.

Receiver by committee

Patterson is letting up on trying to find a go-to receiver. He said the new offense under co-coordinator Doug Meacham is not necessarily set up to produce one.

“With our group, it has to be by committee,” he said. “What’s happened is, each guy has gotten his day because of the way they’ve played us on defense. One of the things that Coach Meacham wants is to be able to distribute to a lot of people. But the defense usually dictates it, so when it’s your day, when it’s your matchup, then you’ve got to be able to make plays.”

Josh Doctson had six catches last week to take the team lead at 19. Deante’ Gray is second with 16, then Kolby Listenbee has 14, and David Porter and Ty Slanina each have 13.

Delayed energy

After watching the game tape, Patterson said Baylor did not show its typical emotion against Texas last week.

“I’m supposing they saved most of that for us,” he said. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Patterson said his own team’s practice Sunday was not its most energetic, either.

“Not as much as the Sunday before Oklahoma, I would say,” he said. “But I don’t know how you could. I knew it was going to be that way.”