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Cowboys Extra: Scouting the Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson chose the right sport. Football, not baseball, is his calling card.

If the two Pro Bowl appearances and Super Bowl ring didn’t already confirm that, Monday certainly did.

Wilson dazzled once again, using his feet and avoiding heavy pressure by the Washington Redskins all night in carrying the Seattle Seahawks to a 27-17 victory. By the end of it, Wilson had set a Monday Night Football record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 122, along with 201 passing yards.

Wilson had three touchdowns, too — one rushing, two passing.

“That just shows you what a double-threat player he is,” receiver Percy Harvin told reporters after the game.

Said Wilson: “I don’t think running for me is ever part of the game plan, really. It just kind of happens.”

Wilson makes it happen, of course. And that’s why he’s establishing himself among the elite quarterbacks in the game.

Sure, he’s also known for baseball around here, given that the Texas Rangers liked how Wilson handled himself and acquired him in the off-season so he could come out to spring training and meet with their players.

But while he had utility infielder written over him in the baseball world, there’s no telling how high his ceiling is if he keeps delivering performances like he did Monday.

“Russell had a phenomenal game,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. “He was everywhere. He did everything we could have asked of him.”

Penalty issues

The Seahawks couldn’t seem to avoid being flagged on Monday night. They had 13 penalties, including seven by the offensive line, and understand that has to improve against the Dallas Cowboys.

Three of the penalties came on what would have been touchdowns by Harvin.

“We’ve just got to be better, especially me,” left tackle Russell Okung said, according to The Seattle Times.

“I can’t afford to have three penalties. Just a lack of focus. I take full responsibility for it. I can’t help out the line making mistakes like that.”

Said Harvin: “First one, I was cool with, I was like, ‘OK.’ Then the second one happened, and I was like, ‘Wow.’ Then the third one happened; I just flipped my hands down. I couldn’t believe it. But at the same time, penalties are part of football. … I try not to think about it too much; we got the W.”



“We just don’t want to be known as a defense that can stop the run. Our biggest thing is dominating people and making them play our style of football and I think we did a great job of that tonight.” — linebacker Bruce Irvin

Telling number

1 Carry by Redskins running back Alfred Morris that was longer than 5 yards on Monday. Morris went into the game averaging 4.5 yards per carry.