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Yankee great Derek Jeter begins final Texas series

When the three-game series against the Yankees wraps up, the Rangers won’t just be finishing their season series with the Yankees. It’s Derek Jeter’s last trip to Arlington too.

“I’ve always enjoyed coming to Texas,” Jeter said. “We’ve been fortunate to play mostly night games here. I don’t know how many day games we’ve played. It’s hot.”

The playoffs are what he’ll remember most about playing in Arlington, he said.

“We’ve had some battles here in the postseason,” Jeter said. “There’s been a few of them so those are things that stand out the most whether it’s early in my career or a few years ago when we were playing in the playoffs. We played some tough Texas teams.”

Jeter was greeted by a crowd gathered around the dugout before batting practice on Monday. He also received a standing ovation from the crowd before his first at-bat Monday evening. His final season has been a parade of goodbyes as he’s visited each city for the final time as a Yankee player.

“People have always been respectful of me,” Jeter said. “I’ve tried to be respectful of them as well. I’ve enjoyed it as much as I can. You still have to be ready to play.”