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MLB statement explains decision to call Wednesday’s Rangers-Yankees game

The Rangers pleaded Wednesday night with Major League Baseball to suspended their game at Yankee Stadium rather than have it end in a 2-1 Yankees win in the fifth inning because of a soaked field after the grounds crew took 13 minutes to get the tarp down as a heavy rain fell.

But Rule 4.12(a)(3) dictates that because there was no “malfunction of a mechanical field device … the game did not meet any criteria to be suspended.”

“Last night’s game was called because of the sudden onset of extreme rain, which affected the ability of the grounds crew to put the tarp in place,” MLB said in a statement. “We trust the judgment of last night’s umpires, who deemed the field unplayable despite the legitimate effort of the sufficiently staffed grounds crew to cover it.

“Because of the condition of the field following the heavy storms, we believe the right decision was made from a player safety standpoint.”