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Crew Chief transcript: ‘There were some tarp issues’

NEW YORK Here’s the explanation from crew chief Dale Scott on Wednesday night after the Yankees beat the Rangers 2-1 in 4 1/2 innings after the game was called because of poor field condition after a soaking rain and an issue getting the tarp on the field.

What went into the decision? There were some tarp issues. That, combined with the massive amounts of rain in a very short amount of time, that field was inundated with water. We were hoping after we took the tarp off and looked it over that we, working with the grounds crew, that we could get it playable. After we set a time and went out there, both managers were very concerned about the softness of the base paths, and quite frankly once we walked a little bit, it looked good, but once we walked a little bit, it was very soft.

Both managers had a concern about that, just injuries, hamstrings, that kind of stuff. Then again, as we were dealing with that, trying to make a decision on if we could get that fixed, if it was feasible to get that fixed, the rain started coming again and we had to tarp it. So, the field was just not playable. They did a heck of a job trying to get it back, and I praise them for that. But it just wasn’t going to happen. There was too much water and too much of a downpour before they could get that tarp on to overcome it.

On waiting out again? The problem was it’s not something, even if there was no rain, it’s not going to just magically dry up. It wasn’t the surface. It was underneath. From what you saw not getting that tarp on, to what it looked like once they fixed it up, it looked beautiful. But, frankly, the surface looked great. Underneath it was just squishy. And it was too soft for turns and baselines. It was one of those things that we tried, couldn’t do it. Couldn’t get it done. It would really be bad if we started playing and somebody blew out a knee or a hamstring or whatever because of that. So, that was our decision.

Different story if tarp on? They said it was going to star a little bit light and then pretty heavy. Well, it really didn’t start light. I just came, and it came in buckets. I’ve seen grounds crews having trouble when there were high winds. I’ve never seen it rain so hard and so fast that it weighed down the tarp and then the mud on the infield, it wouldn’t slide. That dual effect is what caused the issues. And they tried like heck. Obviously, it just happened.