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Ron Washington passionate on importance of bunting

In an animated speech Sunday morning, Rangers manager Ron Washington made it clear that he’ll continue to put the bunt sign on this season.

The Rangers had the second-most sacrifice bunts in the American League last season, and Washington intends to implement the bunt when he sees fit. If Shin-Soo Choo leads off with a double against Cliff Lee on Opening Day, Washington said, expect Elvis Andrus to lay down a bunt.

Washington is going to take his chances with Prince Fielder and Adrian Beltre to drive in the runs.

“I do it when I feel it’s necessary, not when the analytics feel it’s necessary, not when you guys feel it’s necessary, not when somebody else feels it’s necessary,” Washington said. “It’s when Ron Washington feels it’s necessary.

“I look at the opposing pitcher. I look at the guy sat the plate and the situation. I’m saying, ‘How can I give us an opportunity to get this runner where I want to get him?’ If I’ve got the right person at the plate, I’m going to make him bunt.”