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Rangers show support for Venezuela

The political unrest in Venezuela hits home for several within the Texas Rangers clubhouse. Elvis Andrus, Martin Perez and Robinson Chirinos are among the players from the country and they wanted to send a message of support back to their homeland.

Andrus, Perez and Chirinos gathered a group of players from varying nationalities to pose with a Venezuelan flag and signs stating their support. Adrian Beltre of the Dominican Republic, Yu Darvish of Japan and Jose Contreras of Cuba were among those who showed their support in a picture.

“One sign said: ‘In this organization, we have Venezuelans, Dominicans, Japanese, Cubans, Mexican and Koreans, but we support Venezuela,’” Perez said. “We just want to support our people.”

When he signed an extension with the Rangers this off-season, Perez said part of the reason was to relocate and move his family to the United States because of the shaky political situation in Venezuela. Perez has purchased a house in Arlington and plans to move his family to Texas from Guanare, a small town located in the Northwest region of Venezuela.

The Rangers have six players on their 40-man roster from Venezuela – Andrus, Perez, Chirinos, Wilmer Font, Joseph Ortiz and Luis Sardinas.

Perez and Andrus both said the players were not trying to make a political stand, simply showing support for Venezuelans.

“I just don’t want to see a fellow Venezuelan die for something they don’t deserve,” Andrus said. “It’s all about being human beings and when you’re a good human being, you don’t want people getting killed or shot. In the end, it’s all about bringing that peace back.”