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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): After almost a year and a half without an officer arrested for driving while intoxicated, the Fort Worth police streak was broken just after midnight Monday when 17-year veteran Carl Duque was arrested in Haltom City. Is the long streak a remarkable achievement, or is the count itself a sad commentary on police behavior?

I don’t think it’s a commentary on police behavior… I think it’s a commentary on very bad judgment and possibly a person with a drinking problem. Tyrees Allen

Cops are people too, and they make mistakes. It is neither. J. Nile Fischer

Being a policeman is a high-stress job, like firemen and medical personnel, because you have to make split-second decisions that may determine a life saved or lost. It is no surprise that you find AA meetings full of all of them. Beth Dawson

This man is innocent unless he’s proven guilty. Just because he was arrested doesn’t mean he was intoxicated. Let’s reserve judgment until we know all of the facts. Cindy Fitch

He is the one that got caught, isn’t he? I’m sure there were other police with the same problem at the same time. It is a very stressful job, but they also know that they are risking their careers and they know the simple resolution is call a friend or call for help from their squad. Maurice E. Smith

There’s always a bad apple or two, but police should definitely be held to a higher standard. Jake Laird

...I hope the police chief will realize what happened is a cry for help. I pray that this officer receives the help he needs and is restored to active duty soon. And I pray that the FWPD will focus on prevention instead of trying to set records. Pam Brooks