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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): After meetings at the White House Monday to discuss communication and trust issues between communities and police, President Obama said he is requesting that Congress appropriate $75 million for the purchase of more body cameras for local law enforcement officers. Is this an appropriate use of federal funds, or just another burden for police?

Unfortunately, it is for the protection of the police as well as the public. Ricki Nicks Bickle

Cameras are way too intrusive into our privacy already, and I believe that it will only be a a greater burden for the police. Cameras are good in some areas, but I think we’re taking it too far. Alvin Pope

A very appropriate use of funds. They will protect the public and the police. Martha Wright

Let’s look at it this way. Had officer Willson been wearing a camera the day Michael Brown was shot, millions of dollars would have been saved by the government and local businesses. Brian Bucy

Cameras would be beneficial in moderating the interaction between the police and the community. It would reduce incidents of hostile exchanges. Remember many complaints against officers center around rude treatment, name calling, threatening, and bullying. True or false, cameras can show how situations escalate into violence and resisting arrest instances. Eddie Griffin

A good idea. Kenneth Mitchell

They have dashboard cams now. And half the time, they aren’t on or malfunction. Maybe the concept would be more [received] if it was put in place as a way to protect officers on the street instead of coming up with it while the administration is still fueling the race wars. Lindsay Taylor

It would be cheaper to teach our children to respect the police officers and appreciate the job they do for the whole community. That’s how I was raised. David M. House

It affords protection to the police as well as to the general citizenry. False claims of police brutality drop significantly in jurisdictions where the body cameras are in use and valid claims are easily verified. Karen Crouch