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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The holiday shopping season has begun. Area stores have been tempting shoppers with big sales on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. But some people prefer to wait for online deals on CyberMonday. Which day, if any, do you prefer to shop for your holiday bargains?

I hate crowds, so that says a lot. Doing more and more online, and having them ship it to family. SO much easier. Cliff Russell

I start in January and am finished before Thanksgiving. Perishables I buy the week before. D Anne Youngblood

I shop Internet 85 percent of the time. You can get items shipped to your front door without standing in line for hours. Josef Gratts

I shop for my Christmas gifts as soon as I figure out a good gift idea for the person I’m buying for. Merry Christmas! Tim Mercer

The last day! Kenneth Mitchell

Peoplewho shop on Thanksgiving are inconsiderate and selfish. Brent Light