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Waste of time

The daily STEW had some great insights into how we view daylight-saving time and the idiotic time change twice each year.

Just to put this ridiculous charade into perspective: Consider that if 100 million households take five minutes to change every clock in the house, car, watches, etc., this equals 500 million minutes, which equals more than 951 man-years!

And we do it twice each year!

Personally, I prefer the extra daylight.

— R.H. Gruy,


City can find a way

City buses will run whether or not there are people with free or reduced fares on board.

So just how do free or reduced fares really affect the bus company’s income except on paper?

Fort Worth can find the money to make a deal for free parking downtown nights and weekends, and a lot of average-income people, including myself, take advantage.

Fort Worth donors are supplying extra money for the new arena.

The free or reduced fares bus fares are a way to help people find or keep jobs so they can be an asset in Fort Worth.

Surely Fort Worth can do something to continue to help our neediest.

— Eugenie L. Kearney,

Fort Worth

Students can wait

With 50 percent more babies born to college students in the past 10 years, I’m wondering if those parents are college material.

With all the information about birth control available, in order to be responsible, why would a couple want to bring a baby into a world of stress over money matters?

Marriage is hard enough to adapt to, whether one is attending college or not.

I cannot imagine the added problems by having an infant thrown into the mix.

Is it too much to ask to wait a few years to start a family?

— Ann Schrader,



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