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Letters: Better use of money; wasted second chance; misunderstanding conservatives

Better use of money

I recently received two holiday greeting cards from the Tarrant County Clerk.

While it is a nice thought, I really don’t like my tax dollars being budgeted for a Christmas card to myself, twice!

Our Parade of Lights and the Sundance Square Plaza tree are all the thanks I need.

Why not remove the card and postage money from the Tarrant County Clerk budget and funnel it over to the agencies that need to give the transportation passes to our homeless and indigent residents?

I’ll bet the money spent on cards and postage for all the Tarrant residents would come close to or exceed the $300,000 they are taking away for the free passes.

— June Hoffman, Fort Worth

Wasted second chance

Clifford Goodman’s letter defending Josh Brent missed the mark (“A second chance,” Tuesday).

He had a second chance and didn’t learn a thing.

Driving drunk, no driver’s license, no insurance — just a stupid drunk who killed his best friend. He should have been required, as part of his probation, to attend a few meetings of Mothers Against Drunk Driving who have lost their loved ones because of the likes of him.

Of course, the victim’s mother is anxious for him to return to the Cowboys. That’s a no-brainer. He’s the gravy train for her and her grandson, who lost his father.

Could you imagine Tom Landry welcoming this killer back? Then again, he had class, which is sorely missing from the Cowboys today.

Gil LeBreton got it totally right.

— Lorna Parker, Benbrook

About conservatives

I have yet to meet a conservative Republican who wants the government to disappear entirely (Gary Hicks letter “Government fears,” Tuesday).

A distrust and disdain for government is not the same as a desire for anarchy.

Government must exist, but it should be limited and constrained.

Hicks claims Democrats are our last hope because they will control corporate greed.

When did government workers obtain a miraculous immunity to greed?

— Patrick Lane, Grand Prairie

Not about race

Pastor Dwight McKissic says that the “mindset” of profiling blacks based on crime statistics “explains why Zimmerman killed Martin and why Wilson killed Brown” (“Keeping the faith in spite of Ferguson,” Friday.)

I respectfully disagree.

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin because Trayvon Martin physically and viciously attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman defended himself legally with a gun.

Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown because Michael Brown physically and viciously attacked Wilson. Wilson defended himself legally with a gun.

Race had nothing to do with these two legally armed victims defending themselves from their attackers.

— Craig Ward, Euless

Truth must be upheld

I would dare say that after 70 hours of listening to witnesses and evidence and 25 days of courtroom time that the Ferguson grand jury came to a just and fair decision.

It obviously wasn’t made flippantly.

As law-abiding, responsible, intelligent people, they came to their decision not to indict. They made that decision based on facts and science, not emotion or hypotheticals.

If all the facts and evidence result in that decision, then the public needs to accept it.

If the public doesn’t, then they are merely saying that they don’t care about truth and facts, they just want a decision based off of what they feel and want. This is tantamount to lawlessness.

We live in a society today that largely rejects any form of restraint and personal responsibility. These two ingredients make up complete lawlessness.

Truth must always be upheld, no matter what the cost.

— Elizabeth Powell, Roanoke


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