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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Residents of Buffalo, N.Y., have struggled this week under 7 feet of snow, while in North Texas the most we’ve seen in a single storm is about a foot. How well could you cope with a 7-foot snowstorm?

Isn’t that a great reason to live in Texas? Precisely not to deal with that kind of weather? Or waste your life, hours of precious time and energy shoveling snow? Why live that way when you can live in Texas? Snowstorms are one thing I am proud and happy to say aren’t “bigger in Texas”! Leigh Anne Massey Uribe

Seven feet would cripple DFW. We don’t have the plows, salt or equipment to keep up. People would be homebound and companies would lose money. Laura Potts

I would stay home. Wes Stevens

I would cope very well! Oh the fun this 53-year-old woman would have! Kathy Bayne Webster

I’d get “cabin fever”! This area would be crippled because of the lack of road equipment and supplies to handle that amount of snow. It would be devastating for many folks with age- and health-related issues. Connie Cranford

Not a single loaf of bread, gallon of milk or toilet paper will be found. Judy F. Decker

Snowboarding. Duh! Johnny

Christopher Lopez

I’d stay home as much as possible. Not because of the snow but because 99 percent of the people in North Texas can’t deal with a inch of snow, let alone 7 feet of the stuff! Bill Downs

Get out the shovel and start digging and clean my roof off. That much snow can damage a roof. Adam Hipko

I’ll let you know when it happens.

Steven Goltz

As long as I can stay home and not struggle to get to work. Sara Kettler

I’m Canadian, so no worries. Naomi Vanessa

I’d probably give Al Gore a jingle and ask him if he’d mind explaining global warming again while we both shovel my driveway. Hugh Savage

North Texas can’t cope with any depth of snow. Bill Davis

Would be hell. Ginny Fisler

We moved here from Pittsburgh, PA and brought our snow shovel with us. When it snows in Texas, our neighbors know who to call for snow removal. Amber Daniels Chacko

Pack it in; stay home; get it off my roof. Ray Gleaves