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Letters: The big picture; don’t buy the hate; wrongful execution

The big picture

The letter writer who attributed Wendy Davis’ loss to her failure to connect with Texas women on abortion is onto something.

However, like most voters (and more importantly, progressive candidates), he misses the bigger picture.

Abortion is an emotional issue. Therefore, it is a prime target for clever propaganda that appeals to emotions.

The true reason Republicans won in landslides, here and across the nation, is because they are quite simply better at propaganda.

Last week on Face the Nation, President Obama discussed how the losses in the midterm elections had more to do with politics than policy. The president is beginning to see the bigger picture!

In a 2012 essay that examined why Wisconsin voters re-elected Scott Walker after his policies attacked their collective bargaining rights, University of California at Berkeley linguistics professors George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling explained how voters are manipulated through clever propaganda.

They wrote: “Where progressives argued policy… conservatives argued morality,” and “many working people who shared their moral views voted with them and against their own interests.

“Why? Because morality is central to identity, and hence trumps policy.”

— Michael Serrapica, Hurst

Don’t buy the hate

Being a critic is a far cry from being an expert.

There seems to be a lot of negative comments about Police Chief Jeff Halstead, which in turn makes one think disapprovingly about the Fort Worth Police Department.

Unless you have first-hand experiences with some of these so-called injustices, don’t believe them. Most of these crybabies simply got mad at the chief for not getting something they wanted. Now they collectively view themselves as victims of discrimination.

Halstead tried to follow up with the self-proclaimed victims, but they didn’t want a solution. They just wanted to be mad.

These individuals would collapse under the pressure of being a chief. True leaders look for the good and try build on that, not tear at someone’s character.

Halstead is an impressive chief and is a good, fair person. The Fort Worth police can always stand improvement, but if you think discrimination runs rampant, I beg to differ. I worked there for 35 years before retiring.

Don’t buy the hate.

— Phillip South, Fort Worth

Wrongful execution

While I wouldn’t want Scott Panetti living next door to me in his present condition, I don’t have a problem with him being confined to a mental health facility.

It wouldn’t be the first time. He spent some months at a Tomah, Wis., veterans hospital as well as other facilities after he was discharged from the Navy for hallucinations.

If Gov. Perry wants to get close to the big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue, he’d best not let this opportunity to prevent a wrongful execution slip by as he did with the Todd Willingham case.

It’s sad our state still lives in the Dark Ages when it comes to capital punishment.

— Mac McKinzie, Arlington

Holiday giving

It is really good that a lot of organizations feed the hungry around Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are to be commended and appreciated.

The Salvation Army is open and feeding and clothing people 365 days a year, among the many things the organization does for others.

It also sponsors the Angel Tree Program each year for children, seniors and nursing homes. Each week, the nursing home ministry comes to 24 homes delivering clothing, snacks and a gospel message. Each home is visited once a month.

Thanks to all involved.

— George Crittenden,

Fort Worth


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