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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The Dallas Cowboys played in London on Sunday to much fanfare, proving that American football has an audience there. Owner Jerry Jones, others in the National Football League and a lot of people in London want to see an NFL team in Great Britain. Would you like to see a team in London? Is it logistically feasible?

I’d like to see the Cowboys in London again... permanently. Mike Sharma

I don’t think it is a good idea as football is an American Sport. But I am sure if Jerry Jones and others want it they will get it. Sharon Pate

Nothing is out of the question, but a team in Canada seems more logical. S.W. LaFollett

I think the cost would be prohibitive as well as not good for the players. Too much air, bus, taxi time plus the meals. D. Anne Youngblood

It would give the washouts a second chance like overseas basketball does. Eddie Brinkley

No and no. John Barree

Sure, If those people support the Royal Family, they should love Jerry and his friends. Don Bryant