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Letters: Ebola funding; too young to vote; no miscalculation

Ebola funding

President Obama says he is asking Congress for $6.2 billion to fight the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Seriously, has helooked around our country to see where $6.2 billion would be better served?

Two more years of this.

— Brett McDonnell, Mansfield

Where do we get $6 billion to fight Ebola in Africa?

Why did we permit Syria to kill 40,000 before we showed an interest?

Why did we let ISIS go so long before the U.S. began its limited fight against the organization?

In the past the president has requested: $3.7 billion for the surge of immigrant children; $1.1 billion for gun control; $9 billion for Obamacare over ten years which is supposed to rise to $1.3 trillion, and more.

Are these billions printed in the Treasury?

— Don Phillips, Fort Worth

Too young to vote

Laurence Steinberg (“Science says 16-year-olds are adult enough to vote,” Nov. 6) argued that 16-year-olds were mature to vote for elected office.

Did it ever cross Steinberg’s mind that some 16-year-old students have never had a course in government or civics?

Has he looked at the general knowledge level of national, state and local affairs of the average 16-year-old?

Edmund Burke said if you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. He also said if you’re not conservative later in life you have no mind.

Steinberg argues against himself when he cites studies that the adolescent brain may not reach maturity till 22.

Is this anything more than another ploy to gather uninformed votes for a feel- good program? The voting age needs to be 21.

People need to experience life before they vote.

I’ll bet anyone that if I approached 10 16-year-olds, they could not answer 80 percent of the basic civic questions I asked.

— Charles Andrews, Fort Worth

No miscalculation

Obviously letter-writer David Sanderford shares a lot in common with Obama.

Neither got the message from the voters.

One can only view the real facts of the state of the country with true numbers.

More than 100 million on welfare is not a success.

The actual unemployment rate is 11.5 percent.

The Affordable Care Act has proved to be unaffordable, unless it’s subsidized by the taxpayers.

The reality of these failures are facts!

Living in a liberal fog of denial helps no one.

This country needs to get back on the right track.

Hopefully with last Tuesday’s mandate, this country can finally get real change we can believe in.

— Cherita Goodman, Mansfield

David Sanderford, in his Nov. 7 letter, says it was a political miscalculation for Democrats to run away from President Obama.

NPR’s Cokie Roberts points out that Democrats who embraced Obama, like the Illinois and Maryland gubernatorial candidates, lost also.

Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana did not embrace President Obama. She faces a Dec. 6 runoff. The favorite, Congressman Bill Cassidy, says that he will debate Sen. Landrieu for each trip the president travels to Louisiana and makes a rally with the senator.

A fighter from an astute political family, she has a chance to revise her strategy. Let’s see what she does.

— Mike Estes, Fort Worth

Food pantry help

Bob Ray Sanders’ heartfelt article, “Food Bank Needs Help Providing Holiday Meals” illustrates the growing need for food pantry provisions, especially during the holiday season.

The Community Food Bank ministry on Galvez Avenue deserves accolades for their efforts assisting families — at least 450 per day. As Sanders states in his article, the need has mushroomed from last year with 75 new clients registering every day.

Thanksgiving turkeys are needed for 2,600 families and Wal-Mart came to the rescue last year to make up the deficit. Who will step up to the plate this year?

The Community Food Bank receives food donations from major grocers to aid families, and also their pets. “Don’t Forget To Feed Me” Food Bank (for pets) is an added amenity to their food program.

Let’s join in the “Operation; Destination Turkey Dinner” and donate frozen turkeys..

— Delores Cantrell, Fort Worth


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