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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Officials have worked out agreements with parking garages so that night and weekend parking in downtown Fort Worth will remain free. Now merchants on West Seventh Street have said parking there will be free during the day. Does free parking help draw you to these areas, or is it a gimmick?

Yes, definitely draws me because downtown and 7th are my favorite places on earth. Ashley Holshouser

If I don’t find parking I go elsewhere. Alfred P. Gallegos

A very goods idea. I would frequent the area more. Kenneth Mitchell

Yes, it helps. James Gus Guthrie

Meter parking and paid parking lots downtown are fine. Every place else in Fort Worth, it should be free. Of course, now that can never happen because Fort Worth voters were so gullible this week. How ironic is it [that] Bass Hall patrons (who can afford to pay premium prices for events) will be able to park free, but families who want to take their kids to the FW Museum of Science and History or Omni Theatre have to pay? Pam Brooks

Price of parking matters to me when I’m going to eat somewhere. Warren Norred

West 7th still doesn’t get it. Fail. Lisa Cunningham

Having to pay for parking definitely discourages me from going to some areas. You’re already spending money at businesses in the area; they shouldn’t expect you to pay for the privilege of parking there. Robin Loveman

No. Don’t like hipster places. Salvador


Definitely a perk! Although merchants on W. 7th will validate parking anyway. Vicky Ruth Owen Lane

Definitely, free parking brings people to the businesses and restaurants. John Tracy

I’m coming! Rodney Hill

It may be a gimmick, but it works! Not having to worry about paying for parking makes going downtown so much nicer! Free = Good. Marie Francis