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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): Democrats failed badly in their attempt to turn Texas blue in Tuesday’s election. With such a poor showing, does the party have any hope of turning that around in the next two years?

Yes, it’s just a matter of time… look at the demographic trends. Jessie


Both parties have gone to their extreme corners. The more moderate candidates get knocked out in the primaries. The only chance a Democrat has in a statewide office is for one those more moderate candidates to be on the ballot. Jon Ketcham

Red is such a beautiful color! Laura Mathis Willingham

I don’t know why Texas would want to turn blue. Don’t become another California. Erika Holzinger

As the Republicans said about Obama, the result of the Republican actions will remove them from office. Larry E. Agee

Not if Wendy Davis is involved. Pedro Djibouti

Yes, let’s turn Texas into a welfare state — err, Democratic state. David Diercks

The fact is, the Dems don’t have the numbers. People are just plain sick of the Democrat liberal agenda. They have no hope. Daniel Grossi

It’s possible, however the problem with Texas is that politically, it’s really two states. West and South Texas have traditionally leaned Democrat; North, East and Central Texas have been traditionally Republican. If Democrats wish to sway Texas, they need to focus less on the urban centers, which have lower turnout and already tend to be more liberal, and more on the rural, older vote, who turn out en masse and traditionally lean Republican but can possibly be swayed by hard work, intelligent policy, current events and moral stands. Albert Nungaray

The GOP needs to stand for limited government and civil rights, which is its historical basis. If we can’t stay popular with that platform, then we will lose to the “Gimmecrats” and this nation will cease to exist. Robert Turk