Tablet Opinion

Cheers & Jeers

hCheers: To the beautiful young couple who picked up the tab for our family of seven at lunch at the Irving Olive Garden on Oct. 25. You gave us a real blessing and we will try to pay it forward some day. God bless you both.

— M.C. Thompson, Fort Worth

iJeers: To the driver of a white Kia at Paschal High School on Oct. 29, who honked multiple times, then zoomed around to illegally pass me on the right after I changed lanes in front of your (already stopped) car. You must be proud of the lesson in courteous, safe driving you gave your teen.

— Dee Potter, Fort Worth

hCheers: To Dr. Millard Tierce. How terrible to attempt to destroy such a fine and talented veterinarian. I have been a client for 29 years. The numbers of my pets he has saved are too numerous to mention.

— Frankie Manley Andrew, Fort Worth