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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The 1,776-foot One World Trade Center tower officially opened in New York on Monday, 13 years after the collapse of two WTC towers in the 9-11 terrorist attack. Would you be nervous about working in the new building, fearing it also could be a terrorist target?

No. That would mean the terrorists would win. Every time we as Americans go about our business flying, working, getting on crowded subways and buses, that shows the enemy we go about our lives without fear. Angelo Peña

I’d be more concerned as to how I wound up in New York. Hugh Savage

Of course. Not visiting it. Sandy Wood

It depends on the availability of a parachute. Eddie Brinkley

There is so much danger in the world. I can’t worry about everything that might happen to me. If I did that, I would never leave the house! Martha Wright

I didn’t really think about it until the tower opened, but yeah, I would find it creepy to office there. Jim Atkinson

No, I’m afraid of any heights above 10 stories. Not based on fear of another attack. But I would love to visit the building and marvel about man’s accomplishments. Bill E. Brown

Next time I’m in NYC I must visit. Clay Smith

I cannot believe that terrorists would be that redundant. Ginger Miles

Nope. Michael Washington Sr.

Given the lax posture of this administration toward protecting our borders, our safety is no longer assured anywhere. David Hallum

Yes, I would. Linda Packer

First, no I wouldn’t be nervous; we can’t live our lives in fear. Second, According to Garp, it is now disaster-proof. Susan Taylor Eurto

Yes. Edith Roberts

Four commercial airliners were used as weapons on 9/11. Does that fact keep anyone from flying? I would work in that building, because I am not going to live in fear. Diane Gatzke