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Letters: Praise for Nina; gardens not appreciated; Ebola quarantine

Praise for Nina

Nina Pham and her family are shining examples of people who have achieved the American dream, immigrants who came here with nothing, who did not expect a handout from the government, who appreciated the opportunity to open a business, work hard and improve their lives.

Even in the face of the extreme adversity that Nina suffered, she did not blame anyone or complain that what happened to her was unfair. She relied on her faith in God and her medical team to see her through the ordeal, and she came through with flying colors.

These are the kind of people this country needs — people who are willing to work and achieve, people who love this country and who do not denigrate it at every opportunity — not those who expect welfare and then complain that we are not doing enough for them, and who fly the flag of their home country in parades.

— Clista Hancock, Arlington

Gardens not appreciated

The article “A curiosity marked by beauty, tragedy,” on Oct. 19 stressed that the Water Gardens is overlooked and under-appreciated. Some quotes: “relative obscurity”, “locals aren’t using it enough”, “need more people to enjoy it”, “not utilized near to its full potential.”

The Water Gardens are my most favorite thing in all of Fort Worth. It is the first thing I take my out-of-town guests to see. How could anyone not be impressed?

Recently after a guest returned home, she asked me to get some brochures about the gardens from the visitors center. She was having a hard time describing them to her friends. There was absolutely nothing about the Water Gardens in the visitors center. There was an abundance of literature, brochures and pictures about every other single thing you could imagine in Fort Worth Worth.

First you have to know it’s there. I’m convinced visitors would swarm to the Water Gardens if it got as much publicity as other Fort Worth attractions. I don’t know who holds the purse strings for advertising the Water Gardens but they need to get on the ball. Let’s not rely on folks to just stumble onto them.

— Sue Williams, Fort Worth

Ebola quarantine

Governors Cuomo, Christie, Quinn and Malloy have my support in imposing a quarantine on people coming into the U.S. after working with Ebola patients in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

All individuals, not just healthcare workers, traveling from affected countries to the United States should be quarantined. These individuals should readily agree to a quarantine to protect their families, communities and the nation.

The incidents in Dallas and New York City clearly illustrate the need for a mandatory quarantine.

As for Kaci Hickox’s ordeal and fears, I say get over it. We have a nation to protect from what could become a worldwide plague.

— Kathy D’Eletto, Fort Worth

Offensive name

The controversy over the name of the Washington football team has died down a bit now that the football season is well under way.

But some of the 5.7 million American Indians and some non-Indians are still offended.

The argument seams to be that because the name has been around a long time that it is should not offend anyone. The “N” word has been around a lot longer than the Washington team, and it is so offensive that we cannot spell it out although everyone knows what it stands for.

As an American Indian, I have been called everything from “Blanket Ass” to “Feather Head” to, yes, Redskin. I find all of these names to be offensive.

Would anyone be offended if the NBA put a team in Mobile and called them The Alabama Coloreds? Would anyone be offended if NASCAR fielded a racing team called The Rednecks?

— HC Moore, Lipan


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