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Letters: Keep Texas great; what has Abbott done?; efficiency and integrity

Keep Texas great

I know Wendy Davis, Libby Willis and Mark Greene, but I’m voting for Greg Abbott for governor, Konni Burton for state Senate and Kay Granger for U.S. House.

Here’s why: When she was on the City Council, I was concerned with Davis’ desire to end gun shows on public property and her aggressive support of abatements and tax gimmicks that cost taxpayers millions. Her campaign says Abbott will “Cut Texas women off from life-saving healthcare” and “deny women access to birth control.” Nonsense!

Libby’s a good steward of the League of Neighborhoods, but I’ve never witnessed the fire in the belly necessary to accomplish much in the state Senate.

Mark gave incorrect responses in a recent forum, and his apparent position that the Constitution is a “living document” stops me cold.

Texas is a great state. Let’s keep it that way by voting for Greg Abbott, Konni Burton and Kay Granger.

— Clyde Picht, Fort Worth

What has Abbott done?

Fifteen Texans died, 160 injured in the West fertilizer plant explosion.

As attorney general, what has Greg Abbott done to ensure this will not happen again?

Nothing, absolutely nothing but accept $25,000 from out-of-state concerns who benefit from the lack of oversight at the cost of Texans.

— Russell Price, Fort Worth

Efficiency and integrity

I met Tom Wilder in 1995 when I joined the Tarrant County DA’s Office under the late Hon. Tim Curry.

For nine years, I had the honor of representing Tom and his talented employees before being appointed to a judgeship in 2004. I found Tom to manage his office with the same integrity and attention to detail that I observed in my own father, who successfully led a profitable electronics company in the private sector.

Tom is not afraid to stand up to frivolous lawsuits. As his attorney, I respected him for his business acumen.

It is now almost 20 years later, and I have only grown in my respect for Tom and his dedication to the taxpayers of Tarrant County.

A vote for Tom for district clerk on Nov. 4 is a vote for efficiency and integrity.

— Debra Yaniko Rogers, Aledo

Education expert

Pat Hardy has dedicated over 40 years to making a difference in education.

She has served on the State Board of Education since 2003 and has a passion for making a difference in children’s lives.

Outside of the SBOE, she takes time to tutor children.

Whether I was facing her in the primary or just having a conversation with her after the election, I have learned a great deal about education from Pat.

I admired how she ran a clean campaign and how she conducted herself with class.

I wholeheartedly endorse my friend Pat Hardy for re-election, and I hope you will join me in voting for her this November. She is the education expert, without a doubt.

— Eric Mahroum, Bedford

Split the ticket

I’m asking fellow Republicans in State District 94 to split their ticket and vote for Cole Ballweg.

I was Cole’s grandmother’s pastor for nine years and have known Cole since he was a kid. Cole is a third-generation Arlington resident. If elected, he will represent us with honor, dignity and thoughtful consideration of our city’s best interest, not what some fringe group wants. Frankly, Cole’s life history and values are better aligned with Arlington residents than his opponent.

By electing Cole, we will have a mature, stable, pro-Arlington state legislator who will not embarrass our city. As a former Arlington councilman and school trustee myself, I can assure voters that it helps us to have members of both political parties representing our city in Austin.

— Wayne Ogle, Arlington

Too many terms

Kay Granger has been in Congress for nine terms. Mark Greene says five terms would be his limit.

In his effort to defeat Jim Wright, the late Eddie Chiles proclaimed: “Come home, Jim!”

It seems to me it’s time for the voters to say: “Come home, Kay!”

Go with Greene. He will make us proud!

— Don Woodard Sr.,

Fort Worth

Birdville bond

The Birdville ISD bond addresses numerous needs of the school district, and it is urgent that citizens take the time to vote.

In addition to addressing safety and security concerns as well as eliminating 30 portable buildings, this bond proposal rebuilds three badly needed schools that were built between 50 and 65 years ago: North Richland Middle School, Birdville Elementary School and The Academy at West Birdville.

Also, under this proposal, all campuses in the district will receive upgrades or renovations.

I am grateful that the BISD has a proven record of operating in a fiscally conservative manner.

In addition to previous debt being paid off early, the BISD has recently been recognized for outstanding financial transparency.

Please join my family in supporting this Birdville school bond proposal.

— Scott Maze, North

Richland Hills


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