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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): We’re almost through the early voting period in Texas. Did you vote early or are you one who prefers to cast your ballot on Election Day?

I have never believed in early voting. They usually give you a 12-hour period to vote and if you know who you’re voting for, it doesn’t take that long. Steven Goltz

By mail. Mary Elkins Lewis

I always vote on Election Day when the location is conveniently located in our neighborhood and doesn’t require me to drive to another city. Doug


Always try and vote early… did so on Tuesday. No lines and fast and easy. JC Ramirez

I plan on voting on Election Day so I can take my son to the polls to teach him how a democracy works. Michael


Voted straight Republican early! Lara Spann Albritton

Voted straight Democrat! Lisa Hornsby

I’ve done both. No preference, but not everyone has the luxury of choice. George E. Crittenden

Early always on the first day! Carol Everhart

Waiting until Saturday when I can vote without taking off work. Julie Owens

Early for sure, but not too early. Larry Baker

I always vote early. You never know what might happen to prevent you from voting on Election Day. Kathryn

Conway Hansen

Will vote Saturday, hopefully. Bill


Early voting makes sense. Phil Hoskins

Voted early. Les Hodges

I like to vote on Election Day. David Law