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Readers react to Bud Kennedy’s Friday column, “For Texas Democrats, the bad news gets worse,” on

I believe that Wendy Davis (although her want of the governorship is real) is running also in order to enter national politics — that is, appointed positions in the next administration should it go Democratic, or a high-level position with the DNC. Her filibuster last year was a way of getting national media attention, which not only jump-started her bid for governor but also put her name on the radar of higher-ups in the Democratic Party. Dorothy Pomeroy Blackman

Keep Texas RED! The Dems picked the wrong “battleground” when they decided to mess with the Great Red State of Texas! Kelly Canon

Go vote! The only poll that counts is the election. Beverly Nuckols

Thank you, Obama, for helping make Texas an even more Red State through Wendy Davis. Robert Harris

What’s wrong, Buddy — you miss the mark again in all of your editorial prowess? Horatio Bullwink

For Texas Republicans, the good news gets better. Roger Voss

It’s not just bad news for Democrats, it’s really bad news for moderate Republicans. With rather extreme conservatives in charge, education suffers, along with over-dependence on real estate taxes. The state isn’t just business friendly, it is actually in bed with business, at considerable cost to the average Texan. Harv Tepfer

These polls are pointless. What demographic was used? What age group? When? So much bias can be placed on the factors and can be misleading. From other sources, the Democrats and progressives are coming out of the woodwork to vote, so no one should feel hopeless. Go vote! That is the only part of any of this that matters. Becca Y. Krecek