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Letters: Don’t overpay taxes; blame the media; philosophy problem

Don’t overpay taxes

It behooves every senior citizen in Texas who moved in 2013 from one home in Texas where they enjoyed frozen property taxes to another home in Texas where taxes are frozen at age 65 to compare their blue “2014 Property Value Notice” from the Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) with their white “2014 Tax Statement” from the Tarrant County tax assessor-collector.

If the latter tax amount is higher than the former, than you have not had your frozen benefit transferred to your new home.

If the amounts are identical or nearly identical, you should still contact TAD to ensure that your frozen benefit has been or will be transferred to your new home.

Don’t overpay because of a computer error or because you did not know that you had to ask for the transfer.

— Arnold Benson, Keller

Blame the media

The recent Ebola death and resultant ridiculous paranoia that has spread across this country has been caused by the tabloid reporting by our media.

Instead of just reporting the facts about how Ebola is transmitted, the media have to resort to sensationalism and exaggerations to create stories that have resulted in the laughable overreactions of citizens, schools, cities and businesses.

As Dr. Kent Brantly, one of the first U.S. citizens to have Ebola said recently in an interview, the irrational fear about Ebola that has spread across this country is absurd.

The media have long been the biggest contributors to the chaos, racism and trouble that exist in this country.

The days of the media being accountable and responsible for what they report are long gone.

It is all about the story, creating the story, being the first to report the story with very little consideration given to the facts and being accountable for what is reported.

— Jim Nelson, Fort Worth

Philosophy problem

Sen. John Cornyn recently stated the “CDC did not have operational control” at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas.

Thus, the vaunted Texas Model of low taxes, limited government is responsible for the Ebola fiasco. This “model” is a mantra of valueless slogans that have made us less safe, less healthy, less wealthy, less educated.

The model is “treat and to the street.” Rather than cure indigents, the hospital’s ER protocol stabilizes them for discharge. The Ebola crisis shows the gross inadequacy of this philosophy.

Acceptable losses are an integral part of the Republican Party’s platform.

Preserve the American ideal of no one left behind. Vote Democrat.

— Bruce W. Cavin, Fort Worth

Ebola fallout

I read the recent article saying don’t blame nurses, and addressing the connecting issues of doctors ignoring nursing notes and the harsh discipline meted out to any nurse who questions hospital safety protocol.

In the same issue is extensive coverage of the financial aspect of big hospitals.

How likely is it that anyone watching the financials also has a family member who is a nurse exposed to whatever walks through the door with only a pair of gloves for protection?

It is not that they don’t care. It’s just that the folks looking at finance reports don’t usually ask how safe the nurses are. They want to know how we are doing financially. That is their understood function. And no board can easily imagine any other way to conduct business.

The panic they are trying to avoid is the sudden drying up of revenue, the revenue that everybody from the CEO to the janitors depends on. But imagine if the attention to the financials began being from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.

Suddenly it would matter that nurses are the canaries in the coal mine.

— Bill Lanford, Haltom City

Vote early

As a past election judge, I encourage everyone to vote early.

Campaigns download the list of early voters every night and strike them from their call list, so it will cut down on the number of campaign calls you get.

If you get sick or an emergency calls you out of town, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve already voted.

If there are problems with your name or photo ID, you’ll possibly have time to fix it.

For early voting, you can vote anywhere in the county.

And please thank the election judge and election clerks behind the table. If everything goes smoothly, the equipment works flawlessly, and there is no hitch in the vote count — they are putting in a 14-hour day minimum.

— Mark Bauer, Colleyville


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