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Election letters

Concerns about Patrick

Dan Patrick paid for ads condemning his opponent on border security and exclaims border security will be his top priority as lieutenant governor.

I will give him that stretch. He could make sure laws are voted on that might impact border security if someone else sponsors them.

I just heard an advertisement in which Patrick says that he will lower property taxes.

Property taxes currently support cities, counties, school districts and other special districts.

They are administered by and the rates are set by local officials. No one in Austin authorizes nor in any way impacts these local taxes.

I do not know to whom this advertisement is aimed.

If I had any reservations about voting for any opponent of Patrick, he has removed those doubts.

— Tom Stroope, Bedford

No lender defender

I hope Hispanics will remember how valiantly Wendy Davis fought for new laws to stop the abuse of payday loans.

The untold hardship from losing so many vehicles could not compete with the money rolling into politicians’ coffers from the loan industry.

Hard-working minorities could not keep up with the rates.

Wendy was praised by the religious community for her efforts, and she deserved it.

— Jean Adams, Arlington

A public servant

Tarrant County has been very fortunate to have a public servant like Tom Wilder serving as district clerk the past 20 years.

Wilder’s office is recognized across the state for its innovation.

This office consistently out-performs similar district clerk offices throughout the state when it comes to employee/population ratio and operational cost.

Wilder has been an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars.

I encourage you to re-elect Tom Wilder as Tarrant County District Clerk.

— Gary Fickes, Southlake

Devotion to Fort Worth

Having never held an elective office, Mark Greene is already a master of what is so repugnant in American politics — self-serving opportunism.

I’m not a Republican, but I’ve voted for Kay Granger and will again because she does exactly what a representative should do: She looks out for Fort Worth.

She brings tax dollars home, promotes jobs, supports the local defense industry, roads, hospitals and business growth.

Frankly, I don’t like a lot of what I see in the Republican party, but I respect Kay’s devotion to this city and her district.

What I can’t abide is Mark Greene’s lean, hungry ambition.

— J.T. Grant, Fort Worth

Excellent credentials

Gwinda Burns has worked as a briefing attorney for the 2nd Judicial Court of Appeals, chief prosecutor for Denton County, public defender for Tarrant County and has over 25 years felony trial experience in cases ranging from DWI to capital murder.

Gwinda is respected for her honesty, intelligence and dedication to providing justice for all. She brings excellent credentials to this position.

She is a graduate of TCU and has 25 years of attorney experience.

We will cast our vote for Gwinda Burns as judge of the 297th District Court.

— Christene Chadwick Moss, Fort Worth