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LETTERS: Burton is better; what a game!; praise for Wilder

Burton is better

Your argument that Libby Willis needs to be elected to provide some “balance” to the Senate is specious at best. (“Willis best to serve Senate Dist. 10,” Sunday).

I do not live in District 10, but if I did I would vote for Konni Burton.

She is orders of magnitude better than Willis could ever hope to be.

Keep in mind also that Willis is in favor of abortion.

Konni defends life from natural birth to natural death.

She is the only candidate who is fit to serve the citizens of District 10 in the Texas Senate.

— Michael A. Crognale,

Fort Worth

What a game!

As a Baylor fan for most of my life, I’ve never witnessed anything like I saw Saturday in Waco at McLane Stadium.

The two best teams in the conference put on an epic struggle, and Baylor was fortunate to pull it out.

Take away any one of the significant plays and the outcome could have been different.

I am glad TCU is in the Big 12. I’ve watched us play each other since the 1960s, and it’s always been a good rivalry.

During my years at BU, I watched the Frogs ruin more than a few homecomings.

So, as disappointed as TCU fans are today, the football program is playing at a high level, and that’s good for Fort Worth, Waco and the Big 12.

Van Jones,


Praise for Wilder

Tom Wilder has been the first Tarrant County district clerk to offer case management data and imaged court documents online.

This subscriber service keeps identity thieves out and allows him to handle court-ordered operations in a cost-efficient way.

Because of this practice, Wilder has won two statewide awards for “best practices” from the Texas Association of Counties, and special recognition from the Legislature.

He has maintained the lowest staff-per-court ratio compared to other large urban counties, retaining the ability to provide excellent customer service, and he is known for saving taxpayer dollars by bringing a common-sense, pro-business approach to government.

— Mona Bailey,

North Richland Hills


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