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Letters: Waiting in line; whom do we trust?; fighting for identity

Waiting in line

Recently my 92-year-old friend went to her physician for her six-month checkup.

Her appointment was for 10 o’clock. She had prepared me for a long wait, as long as a hour to an hour and a half. It seems this has been common practice for years. Ninety-nine percent of the patients were in their golden years. Obamacare can’t be blamed.

I spoke with a RN who accompanied an elderly woman and asked her if this was usual practice for physicians. She was very emphatic that it was not. She was very annoyed and checked her watch frequently.

Recognizing that emergencies do come up, yet knowing this excuse is abused, I still don’t think overscheduling seems considerate.

At the same time elderly people must realize an appointment is for 15 minutes under new guidelines and it is wise to have an advocate accompany them to take notes or perhaps give input.

Elderly people in pain, as my friend was and is, should receive more consideration. We all will be aged someday.

— Bobbie Fleming, Arlington

Whom do we trust?

I received my 2014 tax statement today from the Tarrant County tax assessor-collector, Ron Wright.

Across the middle of the page, in half-inch capital letters, was “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

The same phrase was printed on the back on the sending envelope and the back of the return envelope.

I question the purpose of boldly and redundantly printing these phrases on government tax statements and envelopes. Is it to offend agnostics and atheists? Or is intended to further divide our already severely divided government and political system?

And which god are we to trust: the Christian God, or Allah, or some other god? (I bet I know the answer to that one!)

Don’t we have enough strife in the world already from religious hardliners?

— Greg Jones, Grapevine

Fighting for identity

The Trinity Habitat homes written about last week are in central Meadowbrook, which is one of the Fort Worth east side sector neighborhoods.

This is not the southeast sector.

Several years ago, the city planning and development department assigned specific boundaries to different sectors. The southeast sector does not come that far north.

East Fort Worth citizens continue to fight for our identity.

— Wanda Conlin, Fort Worth

Move on, be happy

Here we have Leon Panetta and Jimmy Carter criticizing Obama on his policies. Both were losers while in office.

I cannot believe we have no loyalty left in the world.

We have ex-employees seeking some sort of recognition. I have not figured out what they gain with their criticism.

Carter was a failure as president, and even when he got elected I was in shock.

Panetta was a figurehead in the government and most likely felt left out in his position, so now he is an expert in every aspect of our government, which he was not aware at the time he was there, and even now.

My recommendation to these two individuals: Shut up, go on in life and be happy.

— Gaetano Mezza, Fort Worth

No to incumbents

I have to take exception to the Editorial Board’s recommendation to re-elect the Fort Worth-Arlington area incumbents to Congress.

Incumbency has bred complacency. My representative votes in lockstep with the House of Representatives leadership, an agenda overwhelmingly pro-big-business with little regard about the consequences to their voting constituents.

I recently read that there are members of Congress who require a campaign contribution before a face-to-face conversation. The current Congress only scheduled 113 days to be in session this calendar year.

It is high time to get their attention by voting them out or reducing their re-election margins to 50.0001 percent.

— Tom Smusz, Brock


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