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Letters: Take care of the old; don’t blame Obama; on abortion

Take care of the old

The city government has been creative in designing and funding many expansions of the equestrian facilities at Will Rogers Memorial Center (WRMC).

The next expansion will be the $450 million new arena. Despite hundreds of millions spent on new buildings at WRMC, the original 1936 buildings look sadly ignored, with layers of dirt and grime on the front facades.

The once beautiful Pioneer Tower in the center of this historic complex has its large original lighting features covered with ugly aluminum panels.

The tower has been this way for more than 50 years!

I urge citizens to go by and look at the condition of this iconic building. Given the many millions being spent on new buildings at WRMC, we should expect our city leaders to be responsible stewards and properly maintain and restore the historic exterior of the 1936 WRMC buildings.

— Doug Harman, Fort Worth

Don’t blame Obama

I recently read many Americans are totally unhappy with management of the economy. Really?

We went from a near Great Depression with 10 percent unemployment in 2008 to 6.1 percent unemployment in 2014.

Americans do not feel the benefits of an improved economy through higher salaries, better benefits and job security.

Well, you cannot blame the president for corporate greed, global competition or the current valuation of companies based mostly on stock prices.

Companies used to focus on long term growth, gradual profits and fairly taking care of their employees. Companies now focus on stock share price/profits above all so low pay, layoffs, minimal staffing, lousy benefits and little job security rule the day.

Some companies are sitting on piles of cash but refuse to pay better wages or hire more people.

The wealthiest 5 percent of Americans hold 60 percent of the wealth. That is great if you want to be Mexico.

Income inequality, greed, globalization, needed economic system restructuring and lack of innovation are the real villains here, not President Obama.

— Fred Gregory, Arlington

On abortion

The 30-plus reproductive healthcare clinics that Perry, Abbott and the benevolent men of the 5th Circuit Court delighted in closing were providing access to mostly routine low-cost healthcare to struggling women all across this vast state.

Republican men, who traditionally support limited government, gifted the women of Texas with their control over their health and reproductive decisions. Thank you, gentlemen.

Oh, did I mention that Texas ranks near the bottom in all healthcare measures, but who cares?

Business is booming in TX. We are No. 1!

No wonder Abbott and Patrick keep saying: let’s not change anything; let’s keep Perry’s 14-year winning streak going.

— Cherry Langford, North Richland Hills

On Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe vs. Wade forced “abortion-on-demand” down our nation’s throats and began condemning to a painful death without trial more than 56 million babies for the crime of being “inconvenient.”

“Legal” abortion has now claimed more American lives than all the wars we’ve fought since 1776.

There is a proposed bill in Congress, H.R. 552, the Life at Conception Act. This bill declares unborn children to be “persons” as defined by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and are entitled to legal protection. Science is clear that human life begins at conception when a new human being is formed.

It’s time for this war on the unborn to end. This is not a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian issue.

There are some things we cannot change, however, our complacent view of God-given life has to change.

I echo the words of Mother Theresa: “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

— Bob Lehman, Meridian

Granger vs. Greene

The Star-Telegram in its editorial from October 7, gave its unabashed approval to the way our gridlocked Congress does business.

By endorsing all of the Tarrant County delegation, all Republican except for Rep. Marc Veasey, the Star-Telegram seems to be saying give us more of the same. The endorsements are justified the way they always are; more experience, more leadership, etc. Same old, same old.

Rep. Kay Granger is endorsed for her “leadership.”

Since when has Rep. Granger led on anything other than to get Fort Worth its own naval vessel?

Her inability to acquire sufficient funding for Trinity River Uptown shows us what a boondoggle this project really is.

And her attempt to build consensus on the child immigration issue met with abject failure.

Mark Greene is, by far, the better candidate.

— Dave Robinson, Fort Worth


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