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Cheers & Jeers

i Jeers: To Mansfield’s planning and zoning officials. Does Mansfield really need four auto parts stores within a one-block radius? Landmark, O’Reilly and AutoZone are already there at the intersection of West Debbie Lane (Farm Road 1187) and Farm Road 157. What the city needs is nice restaurants!

— Shari and Marian McWilliams, Mansfield

h Cheers: To the North Richland Hills Senior Center for the great ’50s and ’60s Sox Hop on Sept. 26. I am sure that there were over 500 seniors attending. I know it was a group project but it could not have been such a success without Jodie and Amber. Thanks to all it was fun.

— Rosie and Charles Letz,

Richland Hills

i Jeers: To all who think the police should not have military-type riot gear in the aftermath of Ferguson, Mo. From the violent protests in Ferguson back to the riots in Watts and every time in between, are the exact reasons why the police do need military-type riot gear.

— Chrysanne Mason,