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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The day before Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan died in Dallas, the Rev. Jesse Jackson came to town to make an appearance with Duncan’s family. Be honest — what were your first thoughts on hearing the civil rights leader was on the scene?

If all he wanted was to comfort the family, he could’ve done that without any of the rest of us knowing about it. Kathy Booher

The guy never met a camera he didn’t love. I hear the drumbeat of an approaching lawsuit. Kay Watson Haddaway

We know why he was here. To say this “black man” didn’t receive the care he should have like the “white man” who survived. Lorrie Moczygemba Browning

I hope Rev. Jackson got a good close visit with Mr. Duncan and his immediate family. Cecilia J. Solis-Sublette

This is a new low for Jesse Jackson. Is there nothing that Jackson will not try to twist into a racial issue just to keep his self-serving interest in front of the news cameras? Bill Downs

It makes me sad to think that people would use yet another tragic event to bring racial division. Rebecca Shingledecker

It didn’t bother me. I think it’s merely a coincidence that the Rev. Jackson always happens to be in a city at the exact time it’s dealing with a potential racial injustice. Hugh Savage

If this poor man had been any other race than black, would Rev. Jackson have come — no. I hated how another pastor said on the news that a black man had died. I was under the impression that a “man” died. God doesn’t care what color he was, and Jesse Jackson shouldn’t either. DeLayne Jack

I think it was an honest, compassionate gesture. I didn’t see him grabbing many headlines. Judy Alter