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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement Monday that it will accept lower appeals court decisions in some gay marriage cases means that 30 states will have same-sex marriage while others, like Texas, still do not. As a practical matter, can such differences involving so many states continue to exist, or is overall change only a matter of time?

At 30 states, SCOTUS can not possibly undo this. It would create a crazy system of marrieds and not marrieds. This is a change that is inevitable. Martha Wright

There is a great difference in a biracial marriage and same-sex marriage. There is nothing about biracial marriage in the Bible. Harlene Robinson

Texas should get with the program already. Legally married in one state, not married in another?! It’s madness. I have never seen how same-sex marriage in any way diminishes the sanctity of anybody’s hetero marriage. People love who they love. Diane Gatzke

States should have the right to decide. However, overall change is only a matter of time. Darrell Davis

If same-sex marriage can be made lawful in Utah and Oklahoma, it’s only a matter of time before Texas does the same. Rachel K.G. Miller

It’s only a matter of time. The Supreme Court needs to stop ducking the issue and settle marriage equality once and for all. Bill Downs

Each state has the individual right to decide. That said, I am completely against oppression of anyone. Federal [government] cannot step in; but all states should allow gay marriage based on doing what is right. J.B. Mil

There needs to be a change alright, a change of government leadership who are led by the frivolous whims of a people that cannot discern good from evil! Tim Laughlin

It’s an uphill battle that’s being won, thank God. Connie Jahn

Let those [individuals] get married and divorced like the rest of us. Chon Allison

They are Americans, too. Art Stone Sr.