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Letters: Parking plan; military minimum wage; House District 94

Parking plan

Any thoughts about ending free downtown parking need to be rethought.

One of the most important and attractive benefits for downtown Fort Worth, and particularly Bass Hall, is the opportunity to park safely and easily in the nearby parking garage.

As a Fort Worth Symphony season ticket holder, I find this very important.

When I lived near two other large Texas cities, I was very hesitant to go to downtown events because parking was expensive and at a distance from my destination.

Visitors to Fort Worth are so impressed with how “alive” our downtown is, and free parking is a huge part of that. It certainly says to visitors, “Welcome to our friendly city.”

I understand that money is an issue here, but taking away this benefit which so many people want and need would not be the best way to say we take pride in our city and the arts it provides.

— Dian McCall, Fort Worth

Military minimum wage?

Does Shetal Vohra-Gupta support raising the pay for members of our military? (See: “States should use power to raise the minimum wage,” Thursday, Oct. 2)

Break down the pay of an E-3 by hours worked. A job at McDonald’s is a raise.

— Jeff Murray, Weatherford

House District 94

Texas House District 94 candidate Tony Tinderholt is a frightening choice for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Yeah, Tony — let’s send those American troops directly into Mexico to fix this immigration situation.

As Tinderholt put it, “people are going to die. And it’s a sad thing to say.”

As the Star-Telegram put it, it’s also sad that Tinderholt booted out four-term Republican incumbent Diane Patrick, a public servant.

That leaves one choice for anyone who is not fond of extremists like Tinderholt.

The Star-Telegram recommended businessman Cole Ballweg, a moderate, pro-business Democrat.

I’d urge Arlington voters to do the same.

— Tim Smith, Arlington

Tony Tinderholt is an incredible veteran who has served his country twice!

He loves this state and loves his country!

He will do justice and serve House District 94 and stand up for what’s best for the citizens.

If the readers don’t know him, I encourage them to look him up and find out more about what he will do and what he stands for!

Please join me in voting for Tony Tinderholt.

— Jon Czarowitz, Arlington

Corruption concerns

At last, the Star-Telegram provides an editorial criticizing the operation of the Texas Enterprise Fund under the governor, lieutenant governor, House speaker and attorney general.

This Republican-sponsored and operated gift of state tax money to businesses that failed to even file an application is pure graft.

Where has our attorney general, Greg Abbott, been during this time when Gov. Rick Perry gave away $222 million of our money without even an application?

Cut children’s meals, medical and education while fat cats dance to the bank?

Stop it now. Vote for Wendy Davis for governor.

— Michael S. Tomasic, Burleson

Granger gets it

Mike Norman’s column strengthens the fact Congresswoman Kay Granger is the clear choice for Congress.(“Challenging Granger for Congress is a tough task,” Oct. 3)

Her incumbency of 18 years and her term as Fort Worth mayor are resumé enough to prove her ability to get things done.

She’s gotten us a littoral battleship named after Fort Worth and has always been available along with her staff to assist folks of all demographics. She’s been instrumental in promoting and securing funding for the Trinity River Vision project.

Mark Greene’s political rhetoric against her is streaked with the adage “green with envy” — literally.

— Darlene Rogers, Fort Worth


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