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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): For the first time in six years, the U.S. unemployment rate last month fell below 6 percent to 5.9 percent, indicating that the economy continues to improve. Personally, do you feel the economy is getting better, staying about the same or getting worse?

That is only part of the story. More people on assistance and lower-paying jobs. The quality and pay has gone down so the middle class is becoming the lower class or poor very quickly. This is a very one-sided and one-dimensional way to report statistics. So many people working two part-time jobs with no insurance in the place of one well-paying job with benefits. That is not a better economy. Emily King

Everything costs so much more! Most of the jobs that are available do not pay that well. I hope things get better soon. Bonnie Milligan

New housing being built, restaurants full, iPhone sales out the roof and big screen TVs everywhere, better? Ray Gleaves

Texas is booming, but that has nothing to do with the federal government. Jeb Patterson

Getting better. Can you imagine how much better we, the people would be if the Tea Party hadn’t shut down our government, laid off millions of workers and defeated the president’s American jobs act? David Perkins

Not really, because other factors are taking our money. Example, my wife has been a teacher for 32 years. She got a 2 percent raise, but because of the yearly increase in health premiums and tax she netted $54 a month. Greg Meyer

Things are getting better but not so great for black America. Black men still have double-digit unemployment rates, so for us things are not better. Obama has done nothing to address the issue. Larry Ford

We can do better. Still need to raise minimum wage and expand Medicaid. But Wall Street is good, rich and wealthy are good. Home prices are up, mortgage rates low. Chon Allison

Better. I own a construction-related business, and we are busy. Kathy Runkel