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Letters: Independents needed; compassion and principles; justifying costs

Independents needed

The reason for our political stagnation is that elected officials have only one goal, and it has nothing to do with sound public policy.

Their singular goal is to remain in office by using the force and power of their party affiliation.

The reason for this vicious cycle is the voters, you and me. We allow ourselves to be manipulated by the very politicians who cause our heartburn.

We should vote them out of office and replace them with independent thinkers.

— Patrick Jenkins, Arlington

Charity with principles

Thanks for a rare positive view of Southern Baptists and the Texas Baptist Men caring for the illegal immigrant children who make it across the border.

However, caring for illegal immigrants does not require a belief in open borders.

Christians live in two overlapping yet distinct kingdoms; God’s and man’s. God’s plan for Christians is to care for their neighbors, which is anyone you can reach to help, as exemplified by the Texas Baptist Men.

His plan for today’s Caesars is to promote the welfare of their countries and their people.

America was strongest when we believed our national welfare was served by controlled borders, a common language and a shared culture.

It is not contradictory or hypocritical to care for illegals while advocating that our leaders pass, follow and enforce immigration laws and policies that serve our national interests.

A healthy and prosperous America can be more neighborly than a weakened, overburdened one.

— John Flenniken, Willow Park

Justifying costs

When I was a manager, part of my job included explaining my profit and loss statement.

My feet were held to the fire if I could not explain every single penny.

Coincidentally, that includes labor costs, what people were paid, how I could justify their raises and how it would affect the budget. (See: “Fort Worth council OKs study of jobs, pay,” July 2)

How about this? I’ll do your cost analysis by using what you have already paid your own staff to ascertain for only $100,000. The remaining $200,000 can go toward the raises justly earned by people doing their jobs.

Nah. We need more public art projects that need to be explained to somehow be appreciated. Yep! That’s the ticket!

— Phil Holland, Bedford

Taking care of our own

Instead of giving housing, education, medical care and legal assistance to foreign children, how about we:

• Take care of vets neglected by the VA.

• Provide better care for foster children.

• Provide legal assistance to those languishing in jail, prosecuted by aggressive district attorneys.

Take care of your own first.

— Tamara Wilhite, Euless

Management to blame

Letter writer Mike Morgan could not be more wrong in his Thursday assessment of American Airlines labor unions.

It was greedy, inept corporate management that lead American to bankruptcy, and it was the continuing, decades-long sacrifices of the American Airlines labor groups that facilitated the management change and emergence from bankruptcy.

Gerard Arpey was richly rewarded for his buffoonery and Tom Horton appeared on the scene long enough to hand over the keys and walk away with his millions.

Meanwhile, the people that make American Airlines, the employees, are left to carry on the business of running the airline.

That company has been a ship without a rudder since Bob Crandall retired, but unfortunately it was he who planted the seeds of the cancer that American became.

— John Byers, Keller

Fight to win

As we remember the last survivor of the Enola Gay, a thought came to me.

Over 200,000 civilians died from the use of two bombs.

The war then stopped.

Today wars go on and on and never end.

Maybe, just maybe, we should worry more about winning the war then about civilian deaths.

War is ugly and people die. That is why you try to avoid them.

But if you go to war, forget with civilian deaths and fight to win.

— Joseph Smith, Arlington


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