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Letters: Illegal immigration; honoring the infantry; how it should work

Illegal immigration

The United States is now $18 trillion in debt. How are we supposed to accommodate even more who are not able to contribute anything but will be dependents of our social programs in some cases for their entire lives?

I think if I had immigrated here legally, I’d be looking for an attorney to file a class-action suit against this government.

Why should those who comply with our laws do so when we allow thousands to just walk in?

And why are these illegals being given attorneys? Immigration is a civil matter and no American defendant in a civil case is given a free attorney.

And if all these illegals just want a piece of the American Dream as claimed by their supporters, I think you might want to ask why every phone call requires you to “press one for English”.

— Louise Shepherd,

Fort Worth

Honoring the infantry

An interesting article and photo in “Time Lines” on July 28, was about Camp Bowie and the 36th Infantry Division, Texas-Oklahoma National Guard.

But why do these stories always leap from the Thirty-Sixth’s deployment to France, directly to the Camp’s demobilization?

Why do these stories always skip over the 100th Infantry “Century Division” founded at Camp Bowie in October, 1918 as one of the National Army’s very first racially integrated divisions?

When reconstituted in 1921 with headquarters in West Virginia, the 100th erected a plaque honoring Fort Worth as its birthplace, but Fort Worth never seems to honor the 100th.

After meritorious service in Europe during World War II and Gulf War service, the 100th remains quite alive and well at Fort Knox, Ken.

— Jim Atkinson,

Fort Worth

How it should work

What if Congress and the President were paid based on accomplishment and not just for being elected?

Give them minimum wage until bills are passed; balance the budget (keep our nation fiscally sound for our future) and they get a bonus; increase our military and secure our borders.

Bonuses if Washington can accomplish one fiscal, one military and one social issue in a year; they can earn their money if they set priorities and get it done.

Bet we would not see many golf outings, trips to Hawaii, or five-week congressional breaks, and we may even see adults working together without name calling and schoolyard bullying.

— Eric Grunor, Denton

Unaffordable insurance

I originally was in favor of the principles of the Patient Access and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Now, with the serious increase in deductibles and huge increases in premiums, which are projected to be even higher next year, even people in small business or entrepreneurs who used to have insurance don’t want to pay either.

The insurance products have become unworkable or unaffordable.

This situation has caused otherwise responsible patients to access the system later with worse disease or not show up for surveillance of their diabetes etc.

This cascade must stop or not only are the uninsured more sick, but now we can all be sicker and more costly.

Somehow I have got to believe the insurance industry is having a banner year, and that is wrong.

— Dr. Lee S. Anderson,

Fort Worth

Cowboys and politics

At least we were able to say, “Thank God for the Rangers.”

They were the only winning team in DFW.

Now, thanks to Daniels and a dozen very bad trades, we can no longer say that.

Jerry Jones tells us this last 8-8 season is somehow better than the first 8-8 season.

The rhetoric being spewed out somehow reminds me of politics.

You know, like how global warming does not exist, Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

The bigger the lie the more we are supposed to believe it.

Well, I for one do not.

Here is reality: The Cowboys will have a losing season, it will take at least five years for the Rangers to get out of the basement, global warming is here to stay, and the weapon of mass destruction is called religion.

— Frank Wilson, Haltom City


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