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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): As conflict rages between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and Secretary of State John Kerry is being ridiculed by some for his ineffectiveness, what role should/can the U.S. play in bringing an end to the hostilities?

The best thing the USA can do is stay out of it completely. That means no more support to either side and let them fight until they see fit to negotiate peace! Leonard’s Wrecker

The fact of the matter is that peace cannot and will not come to Israel until there is recognition by both sides that both sides have committed crimes against one another dating back to before the partition of 1947. Chris Martin

Stop arms sales to Israel. Anne Hunt Barker

Little or nothing. Very powerful political lobbies will never allow our government to apply anything resembling sanctions against the Israelis, forcing them into legitimate resolutions that would result in peace in that region. Tom Smusz

If you are not helping Israel against terrorists, then stay the heck outta dodge. Bobbi Brewer Cooley

Israel is a terrorist state. How do you not see that? Aliceann Nickole

Why is it our role to bring an end to the hostilities? Back off and let Israel handle it. No matter what action this administration takes, someone will be complaining. David M. House

John Kerry and his boss have made America a laughing stock on the world scene. Nobody listens to or respects America as a wold power anymore. R. Craig Bolander

Try giving back the land that was taken. Try not appeasing the Jews with their new found reasoning for the massacre of so many Arabs. Try making a plea for economic equality. Pshawdallas Pshawdallas