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The daily STEW

The daily STEW (Star-Telegram Editorial Writers): The United States has accused Russia of testing a ground-based cruise missile in violation of a landmark arms control treaty signed by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. Should the U.S. stand strong in defending this treaty or join in a new arms race with Russia?

Our foreign policy is in such a shambles we should not be surprised that others are ignoring previous treaties they made. Bob Mearns

No new arms races. Period. Jake Laird

Putin is thumbing his nose at our weak president and his administration. The Russian bear is stirring! A strong warning, backed by increased sanctions is needed. Connie Cranford

Distraction. We have an existential threat coming from Mexico, and I do not mean the poor children fleeing for their lives, and a president who will do little to stop it. The cartels in Mexico are as dangerous to the U.S. as Hamas is to Israel. Chris Martin

More talk? More sanctions? Do you think that Putin is afraid of Obama? No, this is one that Obama will leave for the next president. George Kelly

Make threats, start a war? Sounds like that’s what the majority here want. Marty Ellis Cates

The biggest threat to our national security and individual freedom is the U.S. government. Dan Yates

Putin knows what 14 years of war have done to our armed forces, economy and our spirit. Exactly how do you go about defending this treaty? David M. House

Our president has no intention of defending our nation or our sovereignty. He will only do that which keeps America at risk. David Hallum

We should avoid foreign entanglements. Kyle Sainz

Romney was right! Zane Adams

Does anyone really think we are abiding by this treaty? If so I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale! Ray Gleaves