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Letters: Change direction; return to sender; national defense

Change direction

I was born during the Great Depression. Milked cows for milk and raised chickens for eggs.

During World War II, I mowed grass for 50 cents; half went for war bonds and half for school clothes. I dropped out of high school, mopped floors and washed dishes at Harris Hospital with a second job as a stock boy for Leonard’s Department Store.

Was I ever out of work? No, I have worked since I was 5. Did I ever draw unemployment? No.

My children and grandchildren will be fine if we can have a true conservative revolution and get away from progressive “share the resources” redistribution of wealth.

If we don’t change directions, the only children who will have a chance are those of the progressive elite.

— Jim Mershon, Mansfield

Return to sender

I was shocked to notice a phrase added to the envelope for my vehicle registration sticker from Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector Ron Wright.

On the back of the envelope was the phrase “In God We Trust.”

I consider that a violation of the doctrine of separation of church and state. It is true that my coins and bills contain this phrase, but it has been on those for years and I suppose I have grown accustomed. (Maybe I should write to the U.S. Treasury.)

This (the return envelope) is something new and a lot closer to home.

Those are my tax dollars, and I don’t want them funding a religious opinion.

The doctrine of separation is there to keep government from promoting or advancing any religion over another. Religion is personal and should not be included on any envelope used by a government office.

— Leslie Weid Fraser, Aledo

National defense

If the U.S. can’t afford to provide basic medical care, feed the poor, protect our environment, maintain our infrastructure or teach our children anymore, then what exactly is our bloated military budget defending?

— Evelyn Connaway, North Richland Hills

Soon it will be too late

The inability of our Congress to take any action on the issue of immigration is very frustrating.

It seems all that most of our so called “gentleman politicians” can do is show off their tailored suits while taking turns doing the Sunday morning talk show circuit, saying nothing of much substance.

This very sorry state of affairs reminds me of Germany’s post-World War I government, the Weimar Republic.

The failure of these “gentleman politicians” to reach any consensus resulted in the rise of the little man with the mustache who told the German people what they wanted to hear. And we know the rest of this story and its ending.

Come on gentleman, do not wait until it is too late.

— John C. Roman, Fort Worth

Candidate wanted

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Gov. Rick Perry is gearing up for another run at the Republican presidential nomination (see: “Are all systems go for Perry presidential run?” July 24).

If so, another Texan, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, is a likely Republican opponent for that same lofty office.

Let’s be honest here: If the Republicans really want another four years of a Democrat in the White House, all they have to do is nominate either a candidate who embarrassed both himself and his state in the 2012 primaries or an egomaniac whose only desire seems to be finding ways to shoot both himself and his party in the foot.

I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but I would like to see the GOP find at least a semi-electable candidate to oppose the Democratic nominee in 2016. If the past is any indicator, neither of Texas’ two leading politicos is that man.

— Norm Petersen, Granbury


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