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LETTERS: Politics and faith; Perry knows best; one-word description

Politics and faith

While some politicians were milking the border situation for every bit of publicity they could gain, the Texas Baptist Men were working in the Border Patrol Station in Brownsville. (See: “Texas Baptist Men say they helped border kids out of love, not for politics,” Friday).

They were doing loads of laundry, providing food and showers, playing games and reading to the kids.

Why would a bunch of guys do this? They saw a chance to demonstrate God’s love for these “strangers in our land.”

Were they exposed to terrible disease?

Well, only if you consider head lice and chickenpox terrible.

What they have been exposed to is criticism by some fellow Christians for their actions. The implication is that immigrants are dirty and diseased.

Some people’s politics are more important than their faith.

— Loveta Eastes, Benbrook

Perry knows best

It is quite amusing to read of Gov. Perry’s bravado when he tells us how he is protecting us from criminal elements and terrorists by sending National Guard troops to the border.

The sheriff of Hidalgo County tells a different story.

Troops are not needed when these children (oops, “criminals and terrorists”) walk across the border and wait expectantly to be picked up.

But I guess Perry knows best — no need to listen to those locals.

— Greg Taylor,

Fort Worth

One-word description

Imagine the shock I felt when I opened the newspaper and saw that yet another politician is facing charges in a 13-count indictment.

One word describes my feelings: Priceless.

— David Johnson, Fort Worth

Preserving homes

The gentrification of the TCU area will continue if money and political power prevail, with developers profiting off the wealthy families of students who can afford to attend this university.

When the cost of education pushes more and more students into online education, who will fill the vacant, dorm-like buildings? The people who lost their homes?

Be careful where you live and where you retire.

— Mark Mulligan Sr., Hurst


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